Is your Sales Growth driven by Digital Marketing?

Target new customers with Digital Marketing and Drive Sales Growth.

Help Drive My Sales Growth

Do you know the relationship between your Digital Marketing Efforts & Sales Growth?

Are your Digital Marketing strategies helping you drive & support sales growth?

This starting point might seem obvious, but the reality is it is often overlooked. We all get caught up in the keyword rankings, potential for website traffic, SEO vs PPC vs Social Media traffic, and in the process one may miss the point.

Digital marketing naturally has a longer-term focus to identify customer needs. We help you develop Digital Strategies that complement & support your sales process to maximize sales.

What can multichannel Digital Marketing do for you?

Multichannel marketing campaigns provide you with the ability to reach new markets and attract customers from different segments. This type of activity will provide increased sales leads to those who employ multichannel marketing.

Increase Engagement & Build Brand Loyalty

Nowadays people rely more on digital content to answer their questions and, if done right, digital marketing is a great way for people to learn about your brand and the products & services you offer.

Digital marketing has a wide range of smart tools to collect data and analyze the target audience. This will lead to a more complete way of evaluating your online audience and increasing your engagement between them and your brand.

Understanding your needs for multichannel outreach.

Re-evaluating the Digital Marketing Communications Funnel

Appeal to your ‘ideal customer’ when the moment is right, as they are making a buying decision.

Understanding your Sales Funnel is the best way to increase engagement with an online audience by providing the right response at the right time. This can involve different digital marketing channels.

Maximizing Sales Growth with Digital Marketing & Traditional Outreach: The Hybrid Digital Marketing Approach

Generating Sales utilizing Digital Marketing tools for lead generation and following these requests through the sales funnel has become a Hybrid Sales process. To maximize ROI, workers in this Hybrid Model need to have a blended skill set. Tele-qualifying digital leads is just step 1 and keeping prospects interested as they go through the sales funnel is critical for success.

This can be a paradigm shift for both Sales and Marketing requiring the reallocation of resources and adding new communication tools. The goal is to increase high-quality leads that will push ROI.

This new Hybrid Model requires workers have a blended skill set to maximize ROI.

We can review your operational process to ensure that you are getting the most out of your digital marketing efforts.

Today’s Digital Age requires a new Model, blending traditional sales with lead generation from digital marketing programs. Adjusting to this new reality requires tele-qualifying digital leads and keeping them within the sales funnel until ready for the final step – Sales.

ICS DMC brings everything together for a complete picture


Connecting with your audience through targeted ads, reach and brand awareness are the focal point of Digital Marketing benefiting. The ability to measure results and increased customer engagements will build trust that can drive sales growth. Ultimately this is what we want to achieve, sales growth.

ICS brings together the Audit Tools to evaluate where you are and based on this analysis recommend what aspects of our divisions will help you achieve this ultimate goal.

A Holistic Perspective

Data shows us that Digital Marketing through different digital channels, such as your website, social media, and search engines; pushes revenue growth to high levels. Digital Marketing can level the playing field and allow you to take on bigger projects and expand into new areas. As a result, your company’s lifepath can be affected in many positive ways.

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