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Achieving Growth with a Digital Marketing Hybrid Model

Achieving Sales Growth in today’s business arena requires a new hybrid Model blending traditional outbound sales with lead generation from digital marketing programs. This Hybrid Model requires workers to have a blended skill set to maximize ROI. Adjusting to this new process means tele-qualifying digital leads and keeping them within the sales funnel until they are ready for the final step – Sales.

You can have your cake and eat it too, the Win-Win Solution

Telework is commonly used to describe working from a location other than a traditional office. This has created some interesting changes in the traditional workforce, making it more dynamic. However, teleworkers can still work from the office, plus join team meetings in person and online.

Gaining the benefits of telework from different locations creates a blended work location; part home, office and 3rd party. By exploring all the options leads to the most effective work location solution for now and allows one to be flexible for the future.

Win with the Hybrid Digital Marketing Process

Beyond a Simple Linear Discussion on Remote Work

Being in a more flexible work environment ultimately creates more benefits for the organization and its’ workforce. The benefits of out-of-office telework and in-office activities can include the following:


Some organizations save money just by having employees telework for half of their hours. Also, by teleworking away from the office, these employees no longer spend as much time commuting. The same can be said for having lunch and coffee at home while avoiding impulse purchases. It is critical to set clear expectations for teleworkers working out of the office.


Improved Productivity

Fundamentally, individuals who telework out of the office report increased productivity, have fewer distractions, and have reduced stress from not commuting, especially in bad weather. Most employees consider themselves more effective when teleworking out of the office and begin to appreciate their in-office time much more.


Less Real Estate

With employees teleworking from home or 3rd party locations creates a smaller real estate footprint. Having some teleworkers rotate in and out of the office can help with team building. Overall, teleworkers make an organization more dynamic and flexible, allowing funds allocated to rent to be applied in other ways to expand.

Communication & Collaboration

Having teleworkers in a remote location makes communication & collaboration more difficult. It is important to create a strong connection for teleworkers to feel part of the team while working out of the office. Making all forms of communication available, such as; email, phone, online conferencing, collaborative project management software, etc. allows an organization to rise above most communication & collaboration issues.

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Employee Engagement

With workers being in and out of the office, engagement becomes more important. Setting regular meetings, check-ins, online training, and in-office socials, creates employee engagement and promotes participation.


Expanded Talent Pool

With teleworking positions come an expanded talent pool from employees who are located further away from the office or want positions that offer a complete out of office work location.


Employee Satisfaction

Work-life balance and career satisfaction go hand in hand. Increasing worker flexibility usually increases worker satisfaction. With higher job satisfaction, workers become more effective and require less supervision & management.

Maximize Your Sales Growth

Working in new ways to maximize Sales Growth for an organization is a paradigm shift for both Sales and Marketing. It also means reallocating resources and bringing new marketing tools into the sale funnel to be truly successful. The result is an increase in timely high-quality leads being delivered to Sales, which will increase conversion rates and ROI.

Maximize ROI with Hybrid Digital Marketing