Keyword Research Based
On User Intent

Finding keywords and phrases most relevant to your organization.

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Conducting Keyword Research

We start with keywords and phrases that are relevant to your organization and expand the list using a variety of keyword tools. The biggest problem is that many people skip keyword research altogether, thinking THEY ALREADY know what their keywords are. In general, Internet visitors do their background research with generic keywords, which leads them to search with long tail keywords of specific interest.

User Intent Must Be SATISFIED

Since 2016, when Google released the RankBrain algorithm, the direction for keyword research has been grouping keywords based on USER INTENT because Google rewards website content that REVOLVES AROUND KEYWORDS GROUPED BY USER INTENT. Therefore, understanding the INTENT of people searching for information on Google becomes critical for online ranking success.

We help you create a blueprint to group keywords at your website based on USER INTENT.

Construct the Ultimate Website Architecture with Keyword Research Based on USER INTENT

Ultimately, we create a blueprint for your website architecture utilizing BOTH marketplace analysis blended with keyword research based on USER INTENT and weave them together into a superior Website Architecture.

User Intent Keyword Research


Your Scope

Many people believe that generic keywords are like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. However, long tail keywords (i.e. exact terminology) are more likely to provide higher conversion rates (i.e. leads or sales). The idea is to have both generic keywords and exact terminology (i.e. long tail keywords) in your keyword list.


Taking it to the Next Level

There is a tremendous amount more that we can do with Keyword research. The first aspect is to determine different types of keywords and see which types apply to you. For example, we can look at On Page, Effective, Competitor, Client, Experimental, Exotic, and of course your Money Keywords – the Sweet Spot for success.


Research is an Ongoing Activity

We understand that keyword research is not a static exercise. It is, like many other aspects of the online world, it is dynamic and ongoing. When doing keyword research you must always keep in mind your Investment Goals and Communication Objectives. Combined with User Intent this creates a powerful foundation for online success.

USER INTENT Keyword Research Makes All The Difference

Understanding keywords based on USER INTENT can be accomplished through our proprietary techniques and methods.

Keyword Analysis Based on User Intent