Planning for Your Success

We Focus on Your Investment Goals

We begin by understanding what products and/or services are critical to the financial wellbeing of your organization. Next we consider any areas for future growth, such as new products and services, or specific geographic areas targeted for expansion.

Once this review is completed, your investment goals can be clarified into a set of priorities.


Identifying Your Communication Objectives

Identifying your target markets is vital when deciding how to communicate with them.

  • Are you dealing with a B2B transaction or the B2C market?
  • Who is the primary decision maker?
  • What are the demographics?
  • These types of questions need to be clarified when setting your communication objectives.

ROI is a Dynamic Online Process

At My SEO Source, we follow these steps to improve client conversion on an ongoing basis using a set of priorities that are directly related to their financial wellbeing.

  • Identify different types and levels of conversion.
  • Make sure they are properly integrated into your website.
  • Measure their effectiveness by tracking activity.
  • Constantly evaluate conversion to improve performance.
Maximizing your online ROI is dependent upon converting interest from website visitors into ACTION. It is a dynamic process, where ongoing evaluation aims to continually improve results.


At My SEO Source, we understand that your website strategy must address both your investment goals and communication objectives. We help you create an online strategy that can be applied to your Website & Internet Marketing programs aimed at improving results.

1) Clarify Your Goals & Objectives

Identify the products and/or services that are critical to the financial wellbeing of your organization and key areas for growth. This information provides a starting point for keyword research. We also pay special attention to your communication objectives.

2) Relevant Background Info & Competitor Review

Review all the text, graphics, images, and illustrations available to you for use at your website. Check out what your competitors are doing online. By competitors we mean those who you know, and those who are already ranking for your desired keywords at search engines right now. They can be the same or different.

3) Clarify Core Messages For Specific Target Audiences

4) Outline Your Website Structure

Create a site map that will act as a guide for website development or redesign. Consider any elements (i.e. photo or product gallery, ecommerce, etc.) that can empower website visitors. Review the different ways to convert your website visitors.

5) Consider Promotional Programs

Determine the most appropriate promotional programs for your website. Organic, Paid, and Social options must be reviewed in order to properly develop a digital marketing program.

Branding Your Message

Understanding your brand in terms of products and services, and identifying the primary target markets you need to address will go a long way towards determining the core messages you need to deliver. Acknowledging that website visitors are new means the first thing you must do is to tell them who you are. However, you must tell visitors who you are in terms of the major benefits provided by your products and services.

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Asking the right questions is helpful when evaluating your online programs.
Website Development Questions
  • Does your current website reflect who you are?
  • Does your website achieve its investment goals? What is your ROI?
  • What are your communication objectives and does your website achieve them?
  • Was your website constructed with search engine-friendly methods?
  • How much new content do you plan to add? How often?
Online Marketing Questions
  • Do you have a customized online marketing strategy? How was it developed?
  • How successful have you been at driving the right kind of traffic to your website?
  • How did you determine the most effective keywords & phases for your online marketing programs?
  • What type of follow-up or continuation communication do you provide?
Tracking Activity Questions
  • What tools do you employ to track activity?
  • Do you track phone calls?
  • Do your tracking tools provide a better understanding of how to make adjustments to your website and Internet Marketing programs that improve ROI?
Evaluating Results Questions
  • How do you evaluate performance? How often?
  • What type of testing do you conduct?
  • How do you make data-driven decisions?

We make a Great Addition to Your Team Because…

Collectively, we have a lot of answers!

We create a strategy to customize your Internet Marketing program geared for maximum performance.

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